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English-Hindi > out and out" sentence in Hindi

out and out in a sentence

41.Is that an out and out disqualification?

42.And they out and out killed her.

43.These varied from out and out vandals with frequently obscene usernames to innocuous accounts performing unexceptional edits.

44.It made me out and out nauseous.

45.Twenty-two percent of them were " out and out fraud victims, " said chief investigator Tim Bissell.

46.We wanted outs and outs and outs.

47.She described the compensation as " blood money, " and an " out and out bribe ."

48.We wanted outs and outs and outs.

49."To shoot him three times in the back is out and out murder-- period, " said Sgt.

50."I don't think they're out and out lying; I think they're not being forthcoming, proactive with their information,"

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