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English-Hindi > pabulum" sentence in Hindi

pabulum in a sentence

31.It's a search that has scared off many radio programmers seeking easy pabulum, but has won a loyal _ and growing _ audience that treats her every song like entries in a personal diary.

32.It would even include Elliott Carter and Milton Babbitt, whose hyperarticulate musical speech, refining and redirecting Old World styles, differs essentially from the quasi-European pabulum of so many contemporary American concert composers.

33.Wilson is so taken by the pabulum of policy that his aides cautioned that unless a reporter repeatedly reminded him that the article was not about facts and figures, that would be all he would talk about.

34."Political pabulum is not something that makes him real comfortable, " says Mike McCurry, the former Clinton White House spokesman who also served as a senior aide in Kerrey's 1992 presidential campaign.

35.The most questionable aspect of the Bruce Lee cult is his admirers'attempt to turn him into a latter-day philosopher-king spouting genial, east-of-the-border pabulum, e . g.

36.The Protestant denominations slid away from the elegant 17th-century prose of King James's England, through the pedestrian cadences of the Revised Standard text into the Classics Illustrated jabber of the more recent Good News ! pabulum.

37.She has offered the public a pabulum history that ignores or distorts the substantial evidence of African influence on Greece in the ancient writings of Aetius, Strabo, Plato, Homer, Herodotus, Diogenes, Plutarch and Diodorus of Sicily.

38.Among his earliest demonstrations were discussions of the nature of air, the implosion of glass bubbles which had been sealed with comprehensive hot air, and demonstrating that the " Pabulum vitae " and " flammae " were one and the same.

39.Because the Sonics were the first to open training camp, due to travel next week for exhibition games in Europe, Kemp's mega-pout over his relative poverty is merely the first of what is expected to be multiple episodes of pabulum-flinging.

40.Pabulum like her " Islands in the Stream " duet with Kenny Rogers earned more attention than her earlier, more acoustic-based songs, and the public was less enthralled with even Parton's biggest hits than with her immediately obvious physical attributes.

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