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English-Hindi > pacemaker cell" sentence in Hindi

pacemaker cell in a sentence

11.Inside the pacemaker cell, where the positively-charged sodium ions leak in, the electrical charge gets more positive.

12.The pace for blood pumping, are called "'pacemaker cells "', and they directly control the heart rate.

13.The pacemaker cells make up 1 % of cells and form the conduction system of the heart.

14.Even if it stops the heart  it may restart, thanks to the pacemaker cells Cardiac action potential.

15.This transgene is widely expressed among pacemakers and also found in a limited number of non pacemaker cells.

16.The cardiac action potential is created by the movement of specific electrolytes into and out of the pacemaker cells.

17.Gap junctions allow the spontaneous depolarization and action potential generated by pacemaker cells to be transferred to contractile cells.

18.Some slow firing by pacemaker cells and weaken heart contractions; others reduce blood pressure by dilating narrowed blood vessels.

19.Cardiac pacemaker cells ( autorhythmic cells ) are connected to adjoining contractile cells ( non-pacemaker cells ) via gap junctions.

20.Being myogenic, the heart's pace is maintained by pacemaker cells found in the sinoatrial node, located on the right atrium.

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