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English-Hindi > pack rat" sentence in Hindi

pack rat in a sentence

31.This trait is responsible for the nickname " trade rat " or " pack rat ".

32.It helped that he was a pack rat.

33.I'll admit being something of a pack rat.

34.In any case, it is obvious that I inherited my pack rat tendencies from my mother.

35.The problem is, as I said in an earlier column, my grandmother is a pack rat.

36.He in turn bequeathed it to a programmer friend who is something of a pack rat.

37."We are emotional pack rats, " she said.

38.It was a pack rat's delight, cartons filled with every type of doodad known to humankind.

39.What kind of a pack rat are you?

40.I heard a pack rat pattering across the catwalk and scratching at the windows at night.

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