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English-Hindi > package material" sentence in Hindi

package material in a sentence

31.He said the company cuts and sells the foam for use as packaging material.

32.Standard test methods are available for measuring the oxygen transmission rate of packaging materials.

33.Companies who directly import packaging, packaged goods or packaging materials are also obligated.

34.The company manufactures filtration systems and packaging materials.

35.International Paper is a worldwide producer of printing papers, packaging materials and forest products.

36.Plastic bags and cellophane " shrink wrap " packaging material are also hazards.

37.Greater economic growth will boost the use of paper packaging materials as retail sales increase.

38.Colgate has six months to deplete its existing Kolynos inventory and use up packaging materials.

39.Novelist Stacy Levine remembers her stint copyediting packaging materials there as a trade-off.

40.He added that packaging materials had also been changed, and now use corn starch.

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