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English-Hindi > package tour" sentence in Hindi

package tour in a sentence

11.The 24 American and Japanese visitors are not getting the ordinary package tour.

12.Package tours and other regular group customers also get preferential rates.

13.Collette Vacations offer travelers many choices and reflects the change in package tours.

14.Some had come from Mexico City on a $ 1, 700 package tour.

15.Let the gushing begin, because this is a package tour of historic proportions.

16.1974 became known as the worst year for the UK package tour industry.

17.The package tours can be booked only through a travel agent.

18.This is shaping up to be the summer of the alternative package tour.

19.It not the sort of place that Minnesota Rotarians visit on package tours.

20.One important warning : Don't buy package tours at 1997 prices!

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