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English-Hindi > package tour" sentence in Hindi

package tour in a sentence

31.European package tour operators had already announced large scale cancellations.

32.The package tour _ short for Guitars Three _ features Satriani and other guitarists.

33.Even the popular package tours are off to slow starts.

34.British skiers flock to France in January and February, lured by inexpensive package tours.

35.Only tourists on package tours were allowed out of their hotels after being counted.

36.It's the meat and potatoes of all package tours.

37.Tour operators in London recently began discounting some package tours as much as 80 percent.

38.This put Thomson ahead of other package tour operators.

39.Frankfurt : Lufthansa AG holds press conference on plans to restructure its package tour subsidiaries.

40.Lloret de Mar attracts summer visitors on package tours.

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