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English-Hindi > pathologists" sentence in Hindi

pathologists in a sentence

21.Pathologists were still trying to identify some of the victims Wednesday.

22.Voice therapy is generally delivered by a speech-language pathologist.

23.Individual nations vary some in the medical licensing required of pathologists.

24.These results are what a pathologist might report from a biopsy.

25.It is currently impossible for the pathologist to distinguish between them.

26.He became Pathologist and Consulting Physician at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

27.IPM combined entomologists, plant pathologists, nematologists and weed scientists.

28.Dr Leo Graf is the forensic pathologist consulted by the detectives.

29.Home Office pathologist Francis Camps suspected Adams of killing 163 patients.

30.Pathologists can assume a time of death via analysing necrophagous diptera.

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