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English-Hindi > pathology department" sentence in Hindi

pathology department in a sentence

1.He was chairman plant pathology department at the Berkeley Campus in 1954.

2.At the time it was the largest pathology department in the world.

3.Shen Danhua, 42, deputy head of the pathology department, said by telephone.

4.Glenn is an adjunct professor with Ohio State s Speech Pathology Department.

5.In 1857, he was named chair of the Physiology and General Pathology department.

6.Practitioners of clinical linguistics typically work in Speech-Language Pathology departments or linguistics departments.

7.For eleven years she ran the Royal Horticultural Society's Plant Pathology Department at Wisley.

8.The Pathology Department was established in 1880; the first autopsy was conducted in 1882.

9.From 1910 he was the head of Pathology Department of the hospital in Munich-Schwabing.

10.Eventually Columbia's pathology department came up with $ 20, 000 to get them started.

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