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English-Hindi > pathology department" sentence in Hindi

pathology department in a sentence

21.Van Velzen left Liverpool to run the pathology department at a children's hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

22.Originally, the Dentistry Department was housed on the first floor of Pathology Department of Khyber Medical College.

23.Dr . Szanto was the head of the Pathology Department at Cook County Hospital for 26 years.

24.In 1927, he left Strasbourg to become chair of the Pathology department at the Universit?de Montr�al.

25.The last building is the Pathology department.

26.The CellNetix molecular pathology department tests for breast, gastric, colon and lung cancers, as well as melanoma.

27.He said he found 50 files of lost children in the archives at one hospital's pathology department.

28.The pathology department soon confirms the diagnosis.

29.The portrait was destroyed by fire in 1952, but a replica was hung in the pathology department.

30.Van Velzen left Liverpool in 1995 to run the pathology department at IWK Grace Health Center in Halifax.

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