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English-Hindi > pauperism" sentence in Hindi

pauperism in a sentence

21.TO create real fashion today, one must skilfully navigate between the extremes of exaggerated " pauperism " on the one hand, and overdone exhibitionism on the other.

22.Even during the workhouse era the core function was to tend and care for the sick and infirm, since ill-health and infirmity was the main cause of pauperism.

23.This research, which looked at incidences of pauperism in the East End of London, showed that 35 % were living in abject poverty  even higher than the original figure.

24.With time, due to loss of livestock and consequential pauperism, many have changed their preoccupation and have become agriculturist and as such now not discernible from the other Gogo people.

25.The same report described the economic problems of the village : 1 in 5 people in Bamber Bridge and Walton-le-Dale and the surrounding area were now reduced to pauperism.

26.There had never been a workhouse in the village, but the parish records indicate that in 1802-03, 27 children and 19 adults received outdoor payments to relieve their pauperism.

27.Former Governor Jerry Brown became mayor of Oakland Monday, calling for democracy and civility over mediocrity and pauperism in urban America as thousands reveled into the night in a free-form civic celebration.

28.He criticised old age pensions because he believed they would harm character and advocated reducing " the encouragement to pauperism held out by our present system of out-door relief " by restoring independence.

29.In the early decades of its creations, " the courts would send those without a fixed residence or income either to jail or to the poor farm for " pauperism "'[ 6 ].

30.His most famous book was " L'extinction du pauperism " ( 1844 ), a study of the causes of poverty in the French industrial working class, with proposals to eliminate it.

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