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English-Hindi > pay claim" sentence in Hindi

pay claim in a sentence

11.Ratings are an independent assessment of a company's ability to pay claims.

12.The SIPA gives the Securities Investor Protection Corp . the power to pay claims.

13.They review and pay claims for meals served.

14.The thing the insurance company is supposed to do is pay claims to people.

15.That's eating into the fund that guarantees the company can pay claims.

16.Ultimately, we want to recover money we can then use to pay claims.

17.Doubts about its ability to pay claims caused its ratings to fall late last year.

18.The agency can tap the money to pay claims in the event of a hurricane.

19.If it failed to pay claims, they would be paid from the trust fund.

20.In addition, Medicare and its contractors are taking more time to review and pay claims.

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