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English-Hindi > pay claim" sentence in Hindi

pay claim in a sentence

41.Was there a comfort level that that money could be paid without having to pay claims in the future?

42.He said the two events were unrelated and that life insurance firms often pay claims even with litigation pending.

43.Even without funds coming in, Lloyd's, true to its reputation, continues to pay claims.

44.Property and casualty insurers make money from investing premiums from the time they are collected until they pay claims.

45.The JUA also could pay claims through reinsurance, through the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund and by issuing bonds.

46.Rail services were disrupted Tuesday when train drivers began two weeks of national stoppages to press a pay claim.

47.Since 1988, 60 trusts have been established to pay claims with about $ 37 billion in total assets.

48.If the balance on this account runs out, the user pays claims just like under a regular deductible.

49.Swedish bonds were dragged lower as pay claims from government employees threatened to ratchet up Sweden's inflation rate.

50.If major disasters always happened in clusters, insurance companies would go bankrupt trying to pay claims all at once.

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