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English-Hindi > plexus" sentence in Hindi

plexus in a sentence

41.However, in more serious brachial plexus injuries surgical interventions can be used.

42.The pterygoid plexus of veins becomes the maxillary vein.

43.The subscapular nerves are innervated by the posterior division of the brachial plexus.

44.One branch descends to join the cervical cutaneous nerve from the cervical plexus.

45.In females, the pampiniform plexus drains the ovaries.

46.An abnormal enlargement of the pampiniform plexus is a medical condition called varicocele.

47.They are sometimes found in connection with the ganglia of other sympathetic plexuses.

48.Strachan played with Menzieshill, Dundee Wanderers and Plexus Mercian at club level.

49.The choroid plexus is an established extrahepatic expression site.

50.Plexus has a noreferences tag, but it's a disambiguation page.

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