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English-Hindi > polecat" sentence in Hindi

polecat in a sentence

11.Does the word Polecat originate from'Polish cat '?

12.It's a quick pungent scent, a little like a polecat.

13.Marking is next to having a polecat in residence.

14.Where ferrets coexist with polecats, hybridization is common.

15.The European polecat feeds on small rodents, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

16.By 1980 the Polecats had signed to Mercury Records.

17.Buzzard, adder, polecat, fox and boar.

18.Otter, badger, polecat, marten are rarer.

19.Somethin'tells me there's a polecat in the henhouse ."

20.The smell of polecat lingered on the banks.

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