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English-Hindi > poor devil" sentence in Hindi

poor devil in a sentence

21.You could be there covering the liberation of Paris or be back in England writing about some poor devils who drowned in April.

22."Why do they never tell us that you are poor devils like us ? " he asks the dead man.

23.In the meantime, we had drowning men all around us so were maneuvering to avoid the fire and pick up those poor devils ."

24.Sometimes it's manifested in inconsiderate lane hopping, at other times in a belligerent determination not to give the other poor devil a break.

25.There he lies, poor devil, writhing in agony ( and hoping for sympathy from the referees in the form of a penalty call ).

26.Then maverick TV personality Gianni Ippoliti said he'd lined up Cecarrelli to host a show called " Poor Devils'Lawyer ."

27.Poor devils, I say to myself like John Wayne used to when he'd lead a thousand extras into battle against a thousand more extras.

28.One can stand it to see one, two or twenty men die, but to see these poor devils dropping like flies [ . . . ].

29.After that it must have looked as if any century would be an improvement, and 19th-century people, poor devils, were delighted to burst into the 20th.

30."When you get that many horses bundling up at a hurdle, the poor devils can't see where they are going, " spokesman Bernard Donegan said.

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