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English-Hindi > poor devil" sentence in Hindi

poor devil in a sentence

31.The poor devil is beset by an independent counsel ( Republican Kenneth Starr ) and a Republican controlled Hill that will continue hearings ( on alleged improprieties ) and fundings for the counsel,

32.At the consecration, a young man named John Toplis was present; and when the ceremony was over he said,  I wonder what poor devil will be buried there first.

33.Without a physical examination I can't tell you whose pain it is, but if it's a terrible back pain it could belong to a poor devil named Bob Dole.

34.This year the time for waking was announced by the adenoidal complaint of some poor devil who, according to the lyric, was " messed up in Mexico, livin'on refried dreams ."

35.If you believe these poor devils are going to give up their stranglehold on big money, you'll believe we really are on a bridge to the year 2000 instead of a treadmill to political oblivion.

36.At that point the law would fall upon the poor devils, arrest as many as were needed for work, try them for gambling in a kangaroo court and then turn the culprits over to Joe Turney.

37.Sister Zoe, nun of the name Maddelena Luisa, wrote : " This blow has hit me hard; I knew that the poor devil was a hothead, but I never imagined he would go this far ".

38.The prime minister did not provide further details, but said the sanctions would be designed so as not to impose burdens " on the poor devils at the bottom of the socio-economic structure in that country ."

39.Horobin had told the secretary of the settlement that his relationships with boys had been going on for over 40 years and described homosexuals as " . . . us poor devils who are born like this; nothing can change me.

40.If there's a scandalous account of it in tomorrow's paper, you'll know I was one of those poor devils _ unlucky, but statistically inconsequential _ for whom things didn't turn out so well.

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