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English-Hindi > press cuttings" sentence in Hindi

press cuttings in a sentence

11.I shall endeavour to upload some photographs and press cuttings if I can figure out how to do so.

12.Press cutting : This is a very precise method of cutting which uses a press and a custom precision made cutting tool.

13.It can also cut sidewalls of a different depth than the pockets-which cannot be done with roller or press cutting.

14.Sirs, I am compiling a dossier on the present American presidential campaign, press cuttings, magazine articles and the like.

15.The case rested on little more than press cuttings including exaggerated claims which Evans and Colsett had themselves uttered to the journalists.

16.Hearing Paul playing the piano, she goes through and shows him a press cutting from the diary, about Robbins and Nash.

17.They have also library / archive which consists of press cuttings, posters, volumes and varying numbers of issues and volumes of periodicals.

18.They include his correspondence, drafts of his publications, papers relating to libel cases, reports on his investigations, press cuttings and photographs.

19.It can leave you in a pile of yesterday's press cuttings and laugh at you as you wonder what happened to your real self.

20.The following information will appear on the main entry ( with references ) as soon as I have sifted through the many magzines and press cuttings.

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