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English-Hindi > q fever" sentence in Hindi

q fever in a sentence

11.He was later transferred to Camp Detrick in Frederick, Maryland ( 1954 1955 ), where he studied Q fever.

12.However, a number of species have been removed, such as " Coxiella burnetii ", the cause of Q fever.

13.Human volunteers breathed metered aerosols of Q fever or tularemia organisms through ports along the perimeter of the sphere.

14.Q fever can cause endocarditis ( infection of the heart valves ) which may require transoesophageal echocardiography to diagnose.

15.The Q fever causative agent, " Coxiella burnetii " thrives and replicates in the acidic phagolysosomes of its host cell.

16.His later studies helped to produce a vaccine for Q fever, which is treated with antibiotics that shorten its duration.

17.But doctors may not recognize such rare diseases as tularemia, Q fever or bubonic plague _ all potential bioterror agents.

18.Patrick himself came down with Q fever, a disease meant to immobilize enemy troops with fevers, headaches, chills and coughing.

19.He said the testing involved the nerve agents Sarin, Soman and VX, and the biological agents that cause Q fever and tularemia.

20.He was also involved in two projects that were not viral, the characterisation of the causative agents of psittacosis and Q fever.

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