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English-Hindi > q fever" sentence in Hindi

q fever in a sentence

21.During his brief tenure, and although short staffed, work was commenced on toxoplasmosis, influenza A and B, psittacosis, Q fever, mumps and lymphocytic chorio-meningitis.

22.If they were testing a weapon like Q fever, which was designed to sicken but not kill, the researchers would even include voluntary human subjects.

23.His epidemiological studies of herpes and Q fever displayed an appreciation of the ecology of infectious disease that became a characteristic of his scientific method.

24.At least 22 people in the French Alps have been infected by Q fever, a flu-like illness that usually affects livestock, French health officials said Friday.

25.One year later, the Unit submitted to the U . S . Food and Drug Administration an Investigational New Drug application for a Q fever vaccine.

26.The institute said that biological warfare agents tested on Vozrozhdeniye Island included anthrax, tularemia, brucellosis, plague, typhus, Q fever, smallpox, botulinum toxin, and Venezuelan equine encephalitis.

27.Q fever was also highlighted in an episode of the U . S . television medical drama " The Dig ", season seven, episode 18 ).

28.As of 2015, this center is the national reference center for plague, tularemia and Q fever and has conducted several studies on emerging and reemerging diseases.

29.But the Aum continued trying to cultivate bacteria _ including anthrax, Ebola, and Q fever _ testing their weapons, always unsuccessfully, from rooftops and trucks throughout Tokyo.

30.But if the microbe were rare, like those that cause anthrax, Q fever, Ebola, smallpox, or plague, local facilities would probably be unable to diagnose the problem.

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