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English-Hindi > qt" sentence in Hindi

qt in a sentence

21.Add between 1 pint and 1 qt . water to desired consistency.

22.Crowe's quiet summer vacation was no longer on the QT.

23.Long QT syndrome can be treated with beta blocker drugs.

24.Sailfish Office reuses the Qt Quick components from Calligra Active.

25.Qt supports many compilers, including the thread management and network support.

26.In 2001 Trolltech introduced Qtopia which is based on Qt.

27.In September 2012, all remaining Qt business was transferred to Digia.

28.Concept of the two-port design QT-SC without carriages.

29.FQs prolong the QT interval by blocking voltage-gated potassium channels.

30.The Qt framework is an example of such an implementation.

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