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English-Hindi > quackery" sentence in Hindi

quackery in a sentence

21.Quackery is a particular type of pseudoscience that refers to medical treatments.

22.Every reliable meta-review has identified homeopathy as quackery.

23.Full article is here : Hardly what I consider quackery or pseudoscience.

24.Quackery and pseudoscience has no place among science based articles.

25.There was also resistance from opthalmologists some of whom considered it quackery.

26.That, skeptics say, makes it pure quackery.

27.Which raises the obvious question : How much of this is pure quackery?

28.And with them, so are unregulated quackery and some terrifying medical mysteries.

29.They feared patients would regard such practices as quackery and find new doctors.

30.Individuals and non-governmental agencies are active in attempts to expose quackery.

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