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English-Hindi > quackery" sentence in Hindi

quackery in a sentence

31.I think the use of the word quackery is valid in this context.

32.We would call those practices quackery and Hahnemann condemned them in equivalent terms.

33.But was dismissed by medical health experts as quackery.

34.The first issue I've proposed is keeping quackery in the lead.

35.Skeptic Robert Todd Carroll has described the claims of pet psychics as quackery.

36.This is absurd, and I say that as a fan of quackery.

37.I and no one else said psychotherapy was quackery.

38.But more immediately apparent : quackery in the medical field was not tolerated.

39.He has puffed nostrums, quackeries and commercialized fads, medical and others.

40.Our country's had a long and noble tradition of quackery ."

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