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English-Hindi > quackery" sentence in Hindi

quackery in a sentence

41.Initially dismissed as quackery, Gonzalez's approach is being taken more seriously.

42.The physician said he often visits alternative health fairs in disguise to assess quackery.

43.But others can be quackery or outright dangerous.

44.Skeptics and scientists consider the devices to be an example of pseudoscience and quackery.

45.Paul Offit has proposed four ways in which alternative medicine " becomes quackery ":

46.The principles of Rolfing contradict established medical knowledge and has been characterized as quackery.

47.He campaigned for its preservation and dispelled myths of its being quackery and inefficient.

48.Critics have described some aspects of orthomolecular medicine as food faddism or even quackery.

49.Most people think of quackery as promoted by charlatans who deliberately exploit their victims.

50.The film begins with an old Madre Maria on trial for quackery and deceit.

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