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English-Hindi > quaintness" sentence in Hindi

quaintness in a sentence

31.Stores and offices are bedecked with window boxes, lending an unexpected New England quaintness to this southern town.

32.Many Roman drivers are willing to give up quaintness for the sake of their cars'tires and shocks.

33.In " Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ", Clarke infuses her dry wit with prosaic quaintness.

34.Kate came right to the point; she liked the quaintness a lot, but she liked capitalism even more.

35.For all its quaintness, the Preakness usually has one thing the Kentucky Derby never will have, by definition:

36.But many French resorts have annihilated ski-town quaintness with outsized'60s-style hotels and strip malls.

37.The quaintness and charm of the hamlet serve as the water and rail gateway to the larger town of Rhinebeck.

38.The warm quaintness of the old picture-show building here hit Deborah Nickell hard when she first saw the structure.

39.But critics say it would be better to promote industry, not quaintness, as the town's new image.

40.But more, it has a lived-in, bustling, modernized kind of charm, with no forced quaintness.

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