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English-Hindi > quaker" sentence in Hindi

quaker in a sentence

31.Chicago-based Quaker Oats appears to be up for grabs.

32.To be sure, Pepsico could take another run at Quaker.

33.A spokesman for Quaker Oats could not be reached for comment.

34.But Quaker simply was not big enough survive on its own.

35.The planned acquisition of Quaker would likely have raised similar concerns.

36.Now the future of Quaker Oats remains up in the air.

37.Quaker could also end up in the hands of another suitor.

38.Its international affiliates represent about half the Quakers in the world.

39.Coca-Cola was the other big bidder on Quaker Oats.

40.Many had assumed Bush would tab a Quaker for that post.

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