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English-Hindi > quality audit" sentence in Hindi

quality audit in a sentence

11.This was in recognition of the detailed quality audit done of the bureau billing process option available through ebillz.

12.The processes and tasks that a quality audit involves can be managed using a wide variety of software and self-assessment tools.

13.GDT provides planning, procurement, staging and testing, warehousing and logistics, project management, deployment, and quality audits of IT products and solutions.

14.Barry C . Melancon, the institute's president, said the new experience requirements would include measures aimed at maintaining high quality audits.

15.So if Andersen were to collapse, how could the final four possibly jump in and perform quality audits on its former clients?

16.He said the problem was discovered during an internal quality audit at the Hermosillo, Mexico, assembly plant where the cars are built.

17.Bill Ramsey, head of operations at Compaq, believes that " a very minimal quality audit " of cells will eventually be needed.

18.One possible explanation is that it is difficult and costly to obtain the client-specific knowledge required to produce a high quality audit.

19.The sole purpose of the salt spray test is to compare and contrast results with previous experience to perform a quality audit.

20.In a statement, the firm said, " We are committed to delivering quality audits and to making ongoing improvements in our audit work.

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