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English-Hindi > quality newspaper" sentence in Hindi

quality newspaper in a sentence

1.It was favourably reviewed in many general interest quality newspapers and magazines.

2.She networked to encourage the BBC and quality newspapers to feature primary education.

3.It is known as a publisher of quality newspapers with a liberal political bent.

4.The paper was midway between the nation's quality newspapers and the scandalous tabloids.

5.My parents subscribe to your quality newspaper.

6.Most street press publications are printed on low-quality newspaper stock to reduce costs.

7.The following day quality newspaper Corriere della Sera the publishes first three winners'names.

8.Knight-Ridder publishes quality newspapers.

9."Gailhaguet in an uncomfortable situation, " the quality newspaper Le Monde headlined.

10.He wants LaRouche sources to be treated on a par with academics and mainstream high quality newspapers.

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