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English-Hindi > quality newspaper" sentence in Hindi

quality newspaper in a sentence

41.The paper is also one of the " big three " broadsheet-quality newspapers in Denmark along with " Jyllands-Posten " and " Politiken ".

42.You don't say where in the world you are, but you could check quality newspapers near you to see if they have an opera critic, and contact them.

43.VilaWeb is regarded as a quality newspaper being awarded with some of the most important awards in Catalonia such as the City of Barcelona Award in Journalism and the National Award in Journalism.

44.Thus, Barclay became one of the few journalists to be the main writer for his discipline for all four quality newspaper groups in England : Times, Guardian-Observer, Telegraph, and Independent.

45.The Telegraph, owned by Canadian media mogul Conrad Black, publishes the biggest-selling daily quality newspaper in Britain, called the Daily Telegraph, which sells around 1.08 million copies each day.

46.It was as far as I recall about two or three thousand words to read The Sun, but higher for quality newspapers like The Times or The Guardian, although the Times has dumbed down since then.

47.The Telegraph Plc, which publishes Britain's biggest selling daily quality newspaper, said first-half pretax profit including one-time items fell 29 percent after newsprint costs rose and a price war cut earnings.

48.The Telegraph Plc, publisher of Britain's biggest selling daily quality newspaper, said first-half pretax profit fell 29 percent as a price war with Rupert Murdoch's The Times newspaper took its toll.

49.:I think that to discuss this in the article, we would need a reliable source such as a story in a high-quality newspaper . talk ) 18 : 02, 3 April 2009 ( UTC)

50.By age 27, she was working full-time as features editor of " The Mail On Sunday s "'Night & Day'magazine, the highest-selling quality newspaper supplement in the UK.

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