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English-Hindi > quality of goods" sentence in Hindi

quality of goods in a sentence

11.Their background makes them simple, hard working, honest and loyal-the essential qualities of good soldiers.

12.Self-logistics were developed in order to provide consumers with a heightened quality of goods and services.

13.Thus, it is necessary to make adjustments for differences in the quality of goods and services.

14.Comprehensiveness was not the mark of a distinct genre, but simply a quality of good writing.

15.In Lesotho Steyn presided over many hearings that affected the quality of good governance in the Kingdom.

16.Strikes involving permanent replacement workers are potentially longer, more bitter and compromise the quality of goods produced.

17.The church possesses the qualities of good construction : " solidity, capacity, light and artistic beauty ."

18.Burnet said Drouot has sought to boost the quality of goods, produce better-quality catalogs and advertise abroad.

19.Men did most of the shopping, since the main criterion was credit rather than quality of goods.

20.Somewhat smaller today, the traditions and diversity of the market and the quality of goods still holds true.

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