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English-Hindi > quality of goods" sentence in Hindi

quality of goods in a sentence

31.In a competitive market, Internet-enabled on-demand outsourcing has created an immense cost reduction and achieved higher quality of goods and services.

32."The choice is great and the quality of goods is so superior to what we have at home, " she said.

33.Economic output is notoriously hard to measure because the quality of goods changes constantly and because new goods are periodically introduced.

34.The MCSI is a uniform, cross-industry, cross-company national index of customers'satisfaction with the quality of goods and services they purchase and use.

35.For a while time stands still, and these individuals, according to their possessing qualities of good or evil, find their ultimate reward.

36.Everyday officers checked weights and measures and the quality of goods on sale in agora so they wouldn't be selling anything unfairly.

37.It's usually about the lack of consumer goods, the poor quality of goods and services available and long waiting times for them.

38.Czech sales inspectors, who supervise the quality of goods and services, including food stores, restaurants, bars and cafes, agreed something must be done.

39.The justifications given were that inspections would confirm value and quality of goods being shipped and would safeguard the interests of local industries.

40.But will IML be able to match the quality of goods for Skoda, which is a major global power and distribution transformer company?

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