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English-Hindi > quiddity" sentence in Hindi

quiddity in a sentence

31.Raul, who has possessed the body of one of the creatures from Quiddity is able to free D'Amour.

32.:: : : Quiddity is not required to focus on the one detail that you currently want to focus on.

33.The thing that Quiddity appears to be worried about is a repeat of the Community Portal fiasco that occurred in early 2006.

34.Please vote for Bug 8458, primarily to stop the possibility of Quiddity 20 : 01, 9 January 2007 ( UTC)

35.There was a leaning toward " quiddity, " he said, toward the " itness " of material.

36.If you're not, " Quiddities " ( Harvard University Press ), was written for non-philosophers.

37.Mulla Sadra substituted a metaphysics of existence for the traditional metaphysics of essences, and giving priority Ab initio to existence over quiddity.

38.The novel is about the conflict between two highly evolved men  Randolph Jaffe and Richard Fletcher  over the mystical dream sea called Quiddity.

39.:Also, since you ( Quiddity ) are against deleting the articles, you can't start or help word a deletion nomination either.

40.Without the ambient daylight, I have to turn mine down in the evenings .-Quiddity 06 : 10, 20 May 2006 ( UTC)

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