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English-Hindi > r and d" sentence in Hindi

r and d in a sentence

11.The company spent dlrs 404 million on R and D in the first quarter.

12.And here, research and development ( R and D ) plays a key role.

13.R and D is no longer just a buzz word.

14.May 7 : District of Columbia, Indiana and North Carolina ( R and D)

15.March 2 : South Carolina ( R and D)

16.May 21 : Arkansas ( R and D ), Oregon, Kentucky and Idaho ( D)

17.These include the possibilities of joint-ventures, and research and development ( R and D ).

18.March 7 : New York ( R and D)

19.Feb . 24 : Delaware ( R and D)

20.March 19 : Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin ( R and D ), Pennsylvania ( D)

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