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English-Hindi > r and d" sentence in Hindi

r and d in a sentence

21.Mecha also see roles as transporters, recreation, advanced hazmat suits and other R and D applications.

22.On no subject is the difference between Rs and Ds more striking than on the environment.

23.Feb . 27 : Arizona and South Dakota ( R and D ), North Dakota ( R)

24.They must not fall into the trap of marginalising research and development ( R and D ).

25."R and D talent is very difficult to find-- we're having a hard time with the education,"

26.The hidden riches of R and D

27.May 14 : West Virginia ( R and D ), Nebraska ( R ), Nevada ( D)

28.March 5 : Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont ( R and D)

29.This is an important extension of R and D done in Europe, US and other parts of Asia,

30.Viridiscalculus brought pieces of paper saying U, S, R and D to cheer Imzadi on during his presentation.

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