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English-Hindi > r and d" sentence in Hindi

r and d in a sentence

41.The grant is to encourage those interested in research and development ( R and D ) to come up with innovative ideas,

42.Their company, R and D Tec Inc ., based in Abingdon, Maryland, stands to gain a chunk of an immense construction boom.

43.The challenge therefore, lies in persuading Malaysian corporate leaders that investing in R and D is akin finding gold in one's backyard.

44.The point that needs to be driven home is that R and D should be viewed as the incubators of future profits.

45.In order to raise total factor productivity, Dr Lim urged that research and development ( R and D ) be stepped up.

46.ICI Paints spends between 5 and 6 per cent of total sales turnover in the Asean region on R and D every year.

47.The availability of trainable work force and R and D personnel, and the existence of excellent infrastructure are some of the motivating factors.

48.Today, top priority should be given to training and R and D to face the challenges of competing internationally and becoming more export-oriented.

49.The company is entering another stage in manufacturing, undertaking research and development ( R and D ) of new component products for electrical engineering.

50.The Government has repeatedly emphasised the importance of investing in R and D, not to mention the huge benefits just waiting to be reaped.

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