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English-Hindi > raccoon" sentence in Hindi

raccoon in a sentence

1.Raccoons, for example, are notoriously adept at raiding garbage.

2.It accented your eyelashes without leaving raccoon rings under your eyes.

3.But there is apparently no danger of raccoons completely dying out.

4.Squirrels and raccoons and bats need a place to give birth,

5.And raccoons aren't the only predators, he said.

6.You want a poster boy for raccoon eyes and calf cramps?

7.Bats, raccoons, skunks, what's the difference?

8.We had a case where a raccoon attacked a cruiser tire,

9.Or occasionally, I suppose, a scavenging opossum or raccoon.

10.Cats, dogs, raccoons _ it doesn't matter.

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