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English-Hindi > racehorse" sentence in Hindi

racehorse in a sentence

41.Rather than economize he chose to sell his prized racehorse.

42.The field of 32 included the champion racehorse Tulloch who finished seventh.

43.Cowdrey is married to Maxine, a racehorse trainer and former jockey.

44.He earned a 127 rating in the 2006 World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings.

45.As a wedding gift, Oleg presented her with a thoroughbred racehorse.

46.A valuable racehorse has been stolen from a nearby farm.

47.Epsom Downs houses the third largest racehorse training facility in the country.

48.The third Baronet is a racehorse trainer at Newmarket Racecourse.

49.He was an extraordinary racehorse who will never be forgotten.

50.He was also the jockey for racehorse owner Robert Ogden.

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