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English-Hindi > ramage" sentence in Hindi

ramage in a sentence

11.Ramage played with several NHL teams from 1979-94.

12.With the Blues, Ramage developed into a steady and skilled defenseman.

13.In May 2015, Ramage was released by Crystal Palace.

14.In January 2008 Rob Ramage was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

15.In 1938, Ramage returned to the Naval Academy for postgraduate education.

16.Of the 14 torpedoes Ramage fired, five were duds.

17.Ramage first played for Yorkshire, in the Nottinghamshire in July 1983.

18.Ramage was promoted to rear admiral on 1 July 1967.

19.Ramage successfully completes his rendezvous with HMS Prince of Wales at Barbados.

20.Forty sailors were lowered into five boats and Ramage led the advance.

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