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English-Hindi > ramage" sentence in Hindi

ramage in a sentence

41.Screenplay by Tom Lazarus and Rick Ramage.

42.Greenewalt and Dr . Andrew Ramage, the associate director, are the first generation.

43.Miniatures painted by Ramage were prized for their brilliant colors and long delicate brush strokes.

44.Morash said to Ramage with a chuckle.

45.Magnuson, 56, was a passenger in the car Ramage was driving Monday night.

46.In 1992, Rowena Ramage gave the Princess Theatre building to the city of Winnsboro.

47.Originally Ramage was not eligible to seek accelerated parole because his crime was considered violent.

48.In September 1939, Ramage became executive officer of, serving until February, 1941.

49.Following the presentation, Commander Ramage created a certificate for each sailor in his command.

50.Ramage developed two distinct miniatures of Washington.

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