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English-Hindi > rations" sentence in Hindi

rations in a sentence

11.The hair clogged the makeshift pump and spoiled the meager rations.

12.In California, they are starting to ration the branch system.

13.But if water runs low, resist the temptation to ration.

14.A rare ration of milk is the main remaining official perk.

15.How, for instance, do you ration a lifesaving drug?

16.Not exactly canned spaghetti and a ration of rum, eh?

17.Along with energy rations, radios are essential in the cove.

18.In the first night, planes dropped 37, 500 rations.

19.Their choice will be to ration care, or raise taxes.

20.In August, the government doubled food rations, Iraqis say.

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