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English-Hindi > recovery action" sentence in Hindi

recovery action in a sentence

21.Recovery actions include establishing the sizes of sub-populations and monitoring changes in them, creating a fire strategy for known population locations, and capturing animals to add to the captive breeding program.

22.In 2000, the eastern bristlebird had not been recorded from the Beecroft Peninsula for over a century and re-establishment of extinct populations was identified as an important recovery action for the species.

23.Management and recovery actions for the species have been addressed in the " United States Federal Recovery Plan for Serpentine Soil Species of the San Francisco Bay Area ", finalized in 1998.

24.The process however was touted to save the government $ 300m, and as such has now been considered for recovery action against the Aged Pension and Disability Pension, which may recover $ 1b.

25.Examples of a crisis plan could include a map of evacuation routes, an outline of a personal wellness recovery action, a list of emergency supplies, a CPR manual or a corporate disaster contingency plan.

26."' Wellness Recovery Action Plan "'( "'WRAP "') is a recovery model developed by a group of people in northern Vermont in 1997 in a workshop on mental health recovery led by Mary Ellen Copeland.

27.Development of a real crisis plan and post-crisis plan is key to the daily maintenance of the evidence-based practice of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan as referenced by the SAMHSA National Registry for Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.

28."The idea of looking again at taking out dams is divisive and it takes away from actually solving the problems, " Vanselow said . " This focuses the region on recovery actions that can be taken now ."

29.The guide goes into further detail for recovery action dealing with the topics of; agriculture, business and workforce, communications and outreach, environment, finance, health and human services, housing, intergovernmental relations, risk management, transportation and infrastructure, and volunteers and donations.

30.Attorney Bob Ellicott was commissioned by ANI last year to examine the US dlrs 1.5 million ( 2 million Australian dollars ) acquisition of ABT by ANI's then half-owned Holter business, and any potential recovery action that might have been available.

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