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English-Hindi > refashion" sentence in Hindi

refashion in a sentence

21.He wanted to refashion Latin America into a more integrated region less dependent on the United States.

22.Honored at the polls in a way that will likely realign and refashion the existing American political landscape.

23.After reuniting with his wife, Soltys apparently began trying to refashion his life by going to college.

24.However, the city-state has been trying to refashion itself into an arts and media center.

25.Lowenfels said, " and refashion it to meet the needs of today's marketplace ."

26.In fact the Grand Old Party is attempting to refashion itself entirely, clearly using Clinton as its model.

27.But any attempts to refashion an exclusively political mandate for the United Nations will marginalize its role in development.

28.To what extent does the ideology fashion and refashion the idea of the nation as a container with borders?

29."They will refashion the church's tradition with their own cultural richness, " she said.

30.Using aliases to refashion identity has a long history in popular culture, from Hollywood actors to pulp fiction authors.

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