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English-Hindi > refulgent" sentence in Hindi

refulgent in a sentence

11.The Last Supper has Christ and his disciples seated around an awkwardly angled table within a refulgent rotunda under a night sky festooned with shooting stars and a crescent moon.

12.Leontyne Price unfurls an endless ribbon of refulgent tone in an aria from " Aida " in 1962, the year after her history-making Metropolitan Opera debut.

13.In recognition of his services was appointed Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Nepalese Army and awarded the most refulgent order of Nepal Supradipta Manyabara Nepal Tara ( 1st Class ).

14.Jumbo flowers in psychedelic colors fill the foreground; tiny angels, no more than calligraphic scribbles, hover like Christmas ornaments on high; an immense cross glows in the center of a refulgent sunset.

15.As the afternoon light of copper coloured sun slants over the Bay the hillside glows with a golden refulgent light and as the other birds become quiet the liquid notes of the Blackbird echo across the water.

16.One has only to look at the exhibition's display of silver liturgical objects _ candlesticks, missal stands, tabernacles stacked up in refulgent tiers to the gallery ceiling _ to understand the mechanics of intimidation through splendor.

17.Those refulgent tones poured out of a linebacker's solid form; no one who watched a haplessly overmatched tenor trying to wrest Farrell to the floor in Mascagni's " Cavalleria rusticana " will ever forget it.

18.Both men began as radical innovators who went on to paint pictures of sensuous escapism in the south of France, recouped some of their pioneering spirit after that and ended long lives making mural-sized works of pure, refulgent color.

19.Cole's refulgent 1840 oil sketch titled " The Cross and the World " was a study for an allegory of redemption that he never completed, and the visionary mode of his art went out of fashion after his death in 1845.

20.Her face is a counterpoint of an open, tumbleweed complexion, from her Oklahoma mother, with refulgent lips and a few darkish glints _ her father is the sitar shaman Ravi Shankar, whose presence in her life has so far been mostly parenthetical.

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