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English-Hindi > registration fee" sentence in Hindi

registration fee in a sentence

11.Proceeds from this event come from registration fees and sponsor contributions.

12.The California Organic Program is fully funded by industry registration fees.

13.Pre-registration fee is $ 55 and must be postmarked by Dec . 8.

14.Each deposited a refundable $ 250 registration fee for the right to bid.

15.The registration fee is Bt25, 000 and the course starts on March 21.

16.Among the measures to bring in income, the government increased auto registration fees.

17.The money would come from a $ 2 increase in vehicle registration fees.

18.Until a user paid a registration fee, the programs were hobbled.

19.Membership also includes a meager registration fee collected either half yearly or annually.

20.Registration fee is Bt1, 650 which includes food, accommodation and transportation.

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