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English-Hindi > registration fee" sentence in Hindi

registration fee in a sentence

31.Most centers charge an administrative or registration fee per student or per test.

32.If it suits your needs, send the author the registration fee.

33.The conference usually pays for itself with registration fees, Hart said.

34.Applicants mail the application along with a $ 75 registration fee.

35.In 1990, the onsite registration fee was increased to $ 20.

36.An $ 8 . 95 registration fee includes the 223-page catalogue.

37.Some states allow annual vehicle registration fees to be paid by credit card.

38.The registration fee is RM60 for supervisors and RM50 for others.

39.No tournament of pingpongo must involve any sort of registration fee for participants.

40.Raise auto registration fees, license fees, tolls, gas and sales taxes.

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