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English-Hindi > registration fee" sentence in Hindi

registration fee in a sentence

41.Registered students may become members without paying any registration fee.

42.Registration fee is $ 30 per single entry and $ 50 per doubles team.

43.Registration fees start at US $ 2, 250 per year.

44.The company used the $ 40 million figure to calculate the SEC registration fee.

45.Faulkingham said, as he paid his $ 20 registration fee.

46.He says he will repeal the increased vehicle registration fees.

47.The company estimated the $ 46 million figure to calculate its SEC registration fee.

48.A spring picnic luncheon is included in the registration fee, as are gardening lectures.

49.The company used a figure of $ 150 million to calculate the registration fee.

50.Bad Stuff : Charges a $ 10 registration fee plus $ 10 per month.

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