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English-Hindi > replicas" sentence in Hindi

replicas in a sentence

21.A replica will be presented to the player and his school.

22.It plans to bring a Flyer replica to Dayton next year.

23.Today we offer replica versions of four enticing antipasti from Zucca.

24.Will the $ 1.5-million replica get airborne?

25.Replica dwellings ranged from tepees to a typical 1963 reservation house.

26.Our replica version is an adaptation of the recipe she shared.

27.Replica tiles cost 3, 000 yen ( dlrs 24 ).

28.The team gave Crenshaw a signed replica of the Ryder Cup.

29.Greek Culture Minister Melina Mercouri said when the replica was commissioned.

30.Like the house and palace, the church is a replica.

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