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English-Hindi > research lab" sentence in Hindi

research lab in a sentence

11.But you may get it indirectly by going through university research labs.

12.The Eyebeam OpenLab served as the birthplace of the Graffiti Research Lab.

13.Inspectors also said they discovered the freezer wasn't in a research lab.

14.Grant money is expected to increase greatly if the virulent-virus research lab opens.

15.To rectify this, Nobel established technical chemical research labs in Baku.

16.Today's Web grew out of the CERN research lab in Geneva.

17.Animals in research labs are suffering less than cocks in cockfighting.

18.But cloning is by no means limited to the research lab.

19.NCU also has 47 professional research labs and 216 internship bases.

20.In 1942, he built his crown jewel : the research labs outside Princeton.

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