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English-Hindi > research lab" sentence in Hindi

research lab in a sentence

21.In the research lab, crown ethers are used for this purpose.

22.Of those, one makes animal vaccines; the other is a biological research lab.

23.He had emigrated from England to establish a glass research lab.

24.Dr . Edward Scolnick, president of Merck Research Labs, told Congress this spring.

25.It will have classrooms, offices and undergraduate and graduate teaching and research labs.

26.Agents interviewed officials at private and public research labs searching for possible suspects.

27.During the 1920s, Goldschmidt directed an industrial research lab in Berlin.

28.The entourage stopped for lunch at the county vegetable research lab.

29.The company's major research lab in Austin employs several hundred people.

30.IBM's research labs and services units are also working on the Visa project.

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