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English-Hindi > research method" sentence in Hindi

research method in a sentence

21.There are several limitations to current research methods and scientific findings.

22.The two organizations parted ways last year after a dispute over research methods.

23.Their research methods will include X-rays, CAT scans and DNA sampling.

24.Research methods are also an integral part of the pre-doctoral curriculum.

25.Shikhaev created the mathematical apparatus and research methods of number systems.

26.Penny used a systemmatic research method to interview thousands of employers and workers.

27.The ISBS attempts to develop the qualitative research methods in biology.

28.Your unreliable research methods are just making a fool of you.

29.Frondel did influential work applying research methods used in mineralogy to other fields.

30.Consumer neuroscience has become a mainstream component of consumer research methods.

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